Conservatory Roofs

Solid Conservatory Roof Conversions

For homeowners looking to convert their current conservatory roof to a solid roof there is a lot of unhelpful, contradictory advice around. The relaxing of building regulations over the past 10 years have actually led to a lot of confusion. Previously conservatories were defined as 50% glass or translucent material on the sides and 75% on the roof – these figures still get cited across the Internet as regulation but it is incorrect.

Further confusion comes from individual councils and planning officials exercising different interpretations and rulings on planning permission.

Due to the vagueness and discrepancies between local authorities it is always advisable to obtain advice before undergoing a solid roof conservatory conversion.  

What is critical when considering a solid roof for your conservatory is the added weight a solid roof adds and whether or not your structure is suitable to bear the weight. Modern designs can be fully tiled or incorporate partially glazed sections – all of which have implications on the suitability of your conservatory’s weight bearing requirements.

Several options are available for homeowners looking to convert to a solid roof conservatory. Solid roof panels, lightweight or traditional slate tiles all available in a range of colours and finishes.

Modern designs now offer unique hybrid versions that give the benefit of natural light with glazed sections plus the more solid, extension feel with tiled sections – most hybrid designs allow for individual personalisation to deliver exactly what you want.

It’s important to seek professional advice right from the offset when considering a solid roof conversion and to have a proper structural survey conducted to avoid falling foul of planning officials or building regulations.


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