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Composite Doors

Composite doors are a very popular choice among homeowners. 

They are manufactured from a range of materials such as PVCu, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic which are pressed and glued together under high pressure. As a result they offer more choice on design than a single-material door, and increased strength and thermal efficiency. They are more cost-effective than timber and more energy efficient than PVCu alone, while still being very low maintenance and long-lasting

Designed to look like natural woodgrain, they represent better value for money than traditional timber doors with all the benefits of modern engineering. Consequently, composite doors make excellent entrance doors for most properties and are often seen by homeowners as offering a low-maintenance and stylish option.

PVCu doors are extremely secure with modern locks and reinforced panels, but because composite doors are made from a mix of high-quality materials, they are a step up in terms of security. Strong glass reinforced plastic offers extra peace of mind against potential intruders.

Composite doors often come in a wider range of colours than PVCu and can easily be designed with patterned or coloured glass to provide you with a more bespoke look for your home, whether you want traditional or contemporary. They can be installed as front or back doors, with side panels or transom windows. There’s also a range of handles, letterboxes, spy holes and door knockers that are now available. Their main benefit is in their strength and durability – you can expect a composite door to last for ten years, with very little maintenance.

Why Choose A Composite Door?
  • Strength:
    Very robust due to mix of materials used in manufacture
  • Thermally Efficient:
    Thermally efficient to help keep your house warm and reduce cold spots
  • Hard Wearing:
    Durable and will last for many years to come
  • Easy to Maintain:
    Low maintenance and weather-resistant – no peeling, flaking or rusting
  • Vast Choice:
     Wide choice of colours and finishes that might not be available with PVCu
  • Long Lasting:
    Colour will not fade over time
  • Choice:
    More design choices for your home, whether you want a traditional, heritage or contemporary style
  • Security:
    Security as standard via multi-locking points and tamper-proof hinges
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