Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure my windows?

First thing's first. Take all measurements from the inside of your property. No ladder accidents or injuries, thank you.

Simply take a measurement from each edge of the existing frame.
Take a measurement both horizontally and then vertically in millimetres.
If you prefer, simply measure from plaster to plaster in the window or door reveal.
Don't worry about millimetre perfection as these sizes are pricing sizes only and they will not be used to manufacture your windows and doors.
The process of manufacturing measuring is very different but nothing you need worry about at any stage.

When you have decided to choose a company to do the work for you, they will visit your property and do a full technical survey. Your measurements will be verified by the surveyor for accuracy.

What if I'm unsure or unable to measure my windows and doors?

You could ask a friend, family member or neighbour to help, perhaps?
Alternatively, simply do your research on our site and decide who you would like to visit your home and they will be happy to assist you.

When you have decided to choose a company to do the work for you, they will visit your property and do a full technical survey. Your measurements will be verified by the surveyor for accuracy.

Will I be committed to buying online?

Absolutely not!
We merely offer an introduction between a subscribed company and you.
No payments will be taken online on this site.
You are most welcome to get in touch with companies and ask any additional questions, visit showrooms and show sites, and see products and when you are absolutely ready to proceed, then and only then will a contract and schedule of works be written up, once the final price has been agreed.

How fixed and final is the quoted price?

All quotes are based on installing into an existing aperture (opening) constructed of brick and block.
If you have render or specialist wall coating, or you have internal making good such as sash box removal, or you require additional building work and it transpires that you need additional support such as lintels, then the price for any additional necessary work will be offered upon technical survey, in writing, and agreed by both parties before commencing any work.
When a company offers you an online price, they are expected to do everything possible to honour it, but both parties must have the ability to confirm all details before proceeding.

My property has awkward or difficult access issues, will this be a problem?

Not necessarily, but if additional staging, access equipment or scaffold is required to comply with Health & Safety laws, this, again, will be chargeable but agreed on technical survey before any work starts. In most cases, however, ladder access is acceptable and is not subject to additional charge.

How long is the online quote valid for?

We expect any subscribed company to honour their online quotation for 14 days.
After that time, you may need to resubmit your requirements again.

Who gets to see my details?

We never share your details or personal information with anyone who you have not given your consent and permission to receive them. Your privacy is of absolute paramount importance to us.

How does Compare My Windows earn its' income?

We are a subscription service and we receive payments from companies who wish to participate. If and when you do business with your chosen supplier, we receive nothing by means of commission or kick-back payment, this way we remain completely neutral.

What about premium listed companies?

We offer a slightly higher level of subscription facility for those companies, who wish to participate, but the same rules apply - no commissions or incentive payments are received.

How can I be sure about the integrity of the subscribed company?

We employ a 'subscriber charter', a code of acceptable conduct, which we insist that every subscribed company adheres to. We believe that our charter goes a long way to ensure that the company has the right ethics and values to be included in our site.

Who do Compare My Windows recommend I use?

We do not, have not and never will recommend any one supplier over another. We offer information throughout the site and we obtain industry comment within our "ask the experts" section that allows you to gather impartial resource to help you on your buying journey.

My Question hasn't been answered here.

Then please get in contact with us and we will endeavour to answer any further questions that you may have.

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