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How are we different?

We are the UK's first multi-channel comparison site for windows and doors. We are unlike any other lead generation site currently available.

By using our online price wizard, the customer will be able to get real prices from real companies and choose to contact you, their company of choice, directly.

We also offer a unique market place which will showcase your company for those who want obtain a quote without using the wizard.

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Quality Sales Enquiries

We allow you to select your trading area, product type, and customer's specifications before you accept the enquiry, keeping you in control of the quality of enquiry you receive. The customer can connect directly with your company, unlike conventional internet marketing where the customer is often bombarded with sales calls. Using Compare My Windows, the customer can elect to select your company alone.

Flexible, Adaptive, Effective

There are no gimmicks or false incentives to gain customer details, just genuine, super-high quality enquiries.

You can obtain real-time postcode targeted enquiries from the marketplace, and choose whether to accept them or not, allowing you to maximise your ROI. Upgrade for just £99 to a wizard account to receive potentially exclusive pre-quoted, fully detailed customer requirements from our online pricing wizard – the customer will choose your company directly.

Wizard Account Option

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We are the first online window & door comparison website able to give customers an instant online price.

You can be a part of the UK's first comparison wizard for just £99, receiving potentially exclusive sales enquiries from buyers who have chosen your company.

The customer can select you from a range of factors including:
Security, Energy Rating, Price, Distance and Feedback Reviews.

Customers will be able to explore your gallery of previous work, research your company overview, view company literature and take the decision to personally select you for a quote.

Low cost entry and simple Pay-As-You-Go

Top up with our easy credit system which gives you the opportunity to buy the enquiries you want, keeping you in control of your spend.

You will receive daily, real time notifications of all available screened enquiries in your area, allowing you to accept or decline.

Select the postcodes that you wish to market, and only receive notification of enquiries in those areas.

Simply send your details to us using the online application
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Compare Local Installers
  • See providers In your area.
  • See distance from your location.
  • Request quotes from any providers you choose to.
  • Compare companies side by side.
  • Send a summary of the work.
  • Providers will contact you to complete the quote.
Compare Prices Online
  • Get instant online quotes.
  • Input your detailed requirements.
  • See distance from your location.
  • Choose which providers you would like to contact you.
  • Compare companies side by side.
  • Send a detailed breakdown of the work.