Originating all the way back to the Renaissance gardens of 16th Century Italy, orangeries are luxurious additions to your home that are quite distinct from conservatories.

The difference between a conservatory and an orangery is both in style and practicalities. An orangery has large windows, a lantern roof and far more brickwork than a conservatory. Orangeries are far closer to a traditional extension and as such tend to be used as an additional room of the house. 

Orangeries are far more difficult to design and construct than a conservatory and so come with a much higher price tag, however if you are looking for an extravagant extension to your home that screams opulence then there is nothing quite like an orangery.

Orangeries have huge scope for personalisation and specific design, as by their nature and history they follow no one set design.

Orangeries can be constructed in hardwood, uPVC and aluminium. Also the glass panes have incredible scope for customisation to put your own personal stamp on the construction.

French doors, bifold doors and sliding doors can all be used in your design to best fit your needs.

While a lantern roof is the most popular and traditional option there are many creative designs available for those looking for a unique look.

As Orangeries are a far larger undertaking than a conservatory and tend to be larger in size it is highly likely that planning permission will be required. A professional supplier will be able to talk you through everything you need to take into consideration when looking to add an orangery to your home.


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