Fascias, Soffits, Cladding, Bargeboard & Guttering

Roofline or Fascia Soffit and Guttering form the frontage below the roof and eaves of your home. Upgrading or repairing your roofline will bring both aesthetic and practical improvements. Traditional wooden or cast-iron roofline can be maintenance heavy and tend to need replacing or repair often. uPVC on the other hand offers long lifespan and minimal to no maintenance 

Roofline can be provided and installed in a variety of different colour options to add detail or accentuate your property.

Modern manufacturing techniques now allow for thicker material to take increased heavier loads of rain in the guttering. uPVC can also give long-term protection against discolouration, weakening and provide reliable durability and water sealing for decades.

New roofline can be manufactured and installed to give maintenance free protection. With bird combs to prevent unwelcome nesting, ventilation system to protect your roof and walls from water damage and damp. Memory retention seals and specially manufactured guttering interior to remove the issue of temperature fluctuation and heat absorption that often leads to leaks.

Roofline offers fantastic finishing aesthetics to any property. With Soffits, Fascia, Bargeboards and Cladding providing protection from the elements that you can rely on and a consistent appearance to your property – even downpipes can now be manufactured in alternative shapes to blend in and suit your property.

With the benefits of uPVC’s lifespan, low maintenance, weather protection and the range of colours available it tends to be the natural choice for homeowners in the UK.

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