Southfield Windows - Totnes

Babbage Road
January 1981
Installation Period:
4 weeks

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Why Choose Southfield Windows

  • A Well Established Company
  • High Security Features
  • A Rated Energy Savings
  • Specialist Installers
  • Friendly, Courteous Service

About Us


Every company claims to be different, but at Southfield Windows we prove it every day.




Established in 1981, we have over 30 years’ experience in supplying and installing the very highest of quality windows, doors and conservatories. But it’s how we handle our customers that set us apart from our competition.


We believe customers should be kept informed in their order’s progression and we certainly make sure that happens. We will advise you of the status of your order every step of the way, and when we are happy that your windows and doors have passed quality control to our highest exacting standards, we will show you once again what makes us different.


Firstly all of our windows offer the highest thermal efficiency and will not only insulate your home and keep it warm, but it will also save you money on your fuel bills. All of our windows have an energy rating of A, when supplied with the latest energy rated double glazed units. However, we can incorporate triple glazing into our system which will boost the energy rating to up to A++ making one of the most thermally efficient window systems available in the UK.


Of course, equally as important are the security features on our windows and doors. We install all products with the highest specification locks, hinges and additional security devices to maximise the protection for you and your home.


A massive range of colours and options will make your windows and doors fully personalised to your taste and style. Why not have a look at our gallery to see some of the projects we have completed, and always finished to our high installation standards to offer complete customer satisfaction.


We are very proud of our open and honest pricing policy, meaning the price we agree on together is true, fair and honest. No silly offers or gimmicks, no special offers or one time only deals.


Every installation will carry a full 10 year guarantee which is fully underwritten by Quality Assured National Warranties (QANW) giving you complete protection and peace of mind long after we have installed your new installation. You will also be issued with a FENSA certificate shortly after completion to verify that your installation conforms to all ‘approved documents’ concerning building regulation compliance.


So whether you have just bought your first home, or you are giving your house a facelift, we have a range of products to suit all tastes and all budgets.


We want to show you what buying home improvements should be like.




To us, reputation is everything






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Trade Associations

Reg: 13710

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01803 866955

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Mon 09:00 - 17:00
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