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With major progress and advanced technology in manufacturing techniques over recent years, Aluminium windows and doors are now becoming a very popular choice as an alternative to Upvc or timber.  It was perceived, in the past, that Aluminium was only ever available in its’ natural silver finish and would have to be installed into hardwood sub-frames which required continual upkeep and maintenance, and the material overall was prone to condensation issues.

Whilst this very well may have been the case, but it’s certainly not the case nowadays. No longer do aluminium products need to fit into a sub-frame, they can be fixed directly into the structure. Aluminium door and window products have advanced significantly thanks to massive technological advancements and fabrication capabilities meaning they can now offer exceptional levels of thermal performance, available in A+++ to C energy ratings, as is the case with other window and door materials.

This material has many advantages over Upvc and timber and has increased its market share, particularly in recent years within many new developments of flats and modern and contemporary houses.  Many architects consider the installation of aluminium windows and doors a key design component and plays a large part towards the concept overall.

Aluminium, unlike Upvc, can offer considerably slimmer sight lines and a far less “bulky” appearance to its plastic counterpart. This is one of the major advantages to the product material, and plays a large part in design. Of course, an almost infinite choice of colour and finish is available throughout the window and door market, and choosing an aluminium product offers the same ability for that personal touch of colour and finish. Aluminium offers a high strength to weight ratio, is very robust and also extremely resistant to denting, scratching and weathering. Also offering bending and shaping capabilities, there are many instances where aluminium can offer a solution to an unusual or complex design.

Aluminium offers a strong, flexible, durable alternative to Upvc and Timber.

Why Choose Aluminium?
  • Supreme Quality:
    High quality manufacturing processes ensure exceptional high standards products.
  • Thinner frames:
    Slimmer sight lines, means less frame and more glazing area
  • Appearance:
    Enhanced aesthetics add to the appearance of the property.
  • Performance:
    Ultra- High Thermal efficiency achieved with double or triple glazed sealed units,
  • Individuality:
    An extensive range and choice of colours and finishes
  • Low maintenance :
    Very minimal maintenance is required unlike older aluminium systems.
  • Security:
    High quality security and safety options will offer peace of mind.
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