Aluminium Casement

Aluminium casement windows are most often double glazed, although some can now be triple glazed to improve performance even further. This style of window has a sash which is encompassed within the frame, meaning they can achieve a minimum C energy rating label and often an A energy rating label with relatively low-cost glazing. The range of colours available maximises the appeal of your house and they can be installed in conservation areas, or in heritage or period houses, without compromising on performance or design. You can even have a different colour frame on the inside to suit your internal decoration. The thermal efficiency of casement windows contributes towards lower energy bills.

Energy efficient: the energy efficiency of a casement window is based on its level of thermal efficiency and measured using an energy rating label. Windows must achieve a minimum of a C energy rating to meet Building Regulation requirements. Many will achieve an A rating, with the most energy efficient casement windows going up to a A++ rating. Energy ratings are certified by independent organisations such as the BFRC, which verify the energy efficiency of windows and doors in the UK.

Why Choose Aluminium Casement Windows?
  • Slim Profile:
    Slimmer sight lines, means less frame and more glazing area
  • Coloured Profile:
    A massive choice of internal and external frame colours availabke
  • High Energy Ratings:
    Ultra- High Thermal efficiency gives outstanding performance and helps to reduce heating bills
  • Sound Insulation:
    Aluminium profiles offer additional sound insulation when compared to UPVC or timber frames.
  • Appearance:
    Offer a modern, contemporary feel to your home.
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