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Timber Windows

While timber window frames do come with a hefty price tag, they offer far more than aesthetics to justify their increased cost. As well as providing homes with a more traditional, authentic look, timber also outperforms the other options in both durability and insulation – although with the advent of modern manufacturing that gap has narrowed slightly.

Along with timber’s superior insulation performance it also provides an environmentally sound material as long as provenance can be checked. Ethically sourced timber not only has a much cleaner manufacturing process but due to the roughly 60 years life span it is completely carbon neutral over its lifespan and greatly reduces the burden of waste in society.

Timber also provides far greater structural integrity, unaffected by expansion and contractions due to temperature variations in the way UPVC reacts for example – this dispenses with the need for any additional tolerance to be accounted for in manufacture.

Timber window frames offer a far greater return on your investment. Studies have shown that it not only increases the resale value of your property, it has almost double the service life of UPVC frames, lasting an incredible 60 years. In contrast, fitting non-traditional frames on period properties can wipe tens of thousands of pounds off the sale price.

It’s important to point out that not all timber is equal. You need to be aware of the maintenance required on your frames, which will vary immensely by the type and quality of raw material you choose. Unmaintained timber frames are subject to rotting which in turn will compromise the integrity and security of your windows. It’s vital to fully understand the maintenance necessary on your particular product to ensure it fulfills its full lifespan.

Why Choose Timber Windows?
  • Aesthetically pleasing:
    A traditional, classic option that does not compromise on looks
  • Authenticity :
    In keeping with period properties
  • Superior Insulation :
    Wood offers excellent insulation
  • Environmentally friendly :
    Responsibly sourced wooden frames are completely carbon neutral over their lifespan
  • Durability:
    When properly maintained, timber offers nearly double the working the lifespan when compared to UPVC
  • Increase in resale value :
    Wooden frames can significantly increase the resale value of your home
  • Security:
    Offers solid security for residential properties
  • Maintenance:
    Important to keep properly maintained in order to enjoy the benefits.
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