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uPVC, or PVCu (un-plasticised PolyVinyl Chloride) continues to occupy the majority share of the replacement window market. It offers practical design, insulation and security features which can fulfill the needs of most customers. Often more easy on the budget than its' counterparts made from aluminium or timber.Offering many styles, colours and specifications, UPVC windows can compliment the vast majority of UK homes.UPVC offers a  wide range of window types available to you to suit both your property's character, style and appearance and, of course, your budget. Be it the most popular, casement windows to the easy clean tilt and turn, sliding sash style, fully reversible or the latest flush sash type that give the appearance of traditional joinery, UPVC will offer a practical solution to most needs.
uPVC Benefits
  • Colour choice:
    A massive range of colours are available, together with rich woodgrain effects. UPVC offers true choice which can add aesthetic appeal to all home types.
  • High Energy Efficiency:
    Upvc offers high insulation properties, which will help save energy and help to reduce home heating costs
  • Low Maintainance:
    UPVC windows won't rot, rust or perish and need very little maintenance.
  • Multi Chambered construction:
    Adding rigidity, strength and durability, as well as offering thermal insulation properties and drainage solution.
  • Style and Design:
    UPVC offers flexibility allowing many designs and styles.
  • Insulation:
    When the latest energy rated double or triple glazed sealed units are used, UPVC can deliver impressive thermal and sound insulation results.
  • Security:
    Your home and family's security is of paramount importance, and there are many security and locking features available with UPVC to give peace of mind regarding security.
  • Recyclable:
    As well as offering a low carbon footprint, UPVC is fully recyclable.
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